2-PACK LSI 7366R LS7366R LS7366 Quadrature Encoder Counter DIP Servo IC Arduino


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*** 2 Pack ***

LSI/CSI LS7366R quadrature counter IC in DIP package

This is a popular chip for reading quadrature encoders (such as those used on servo motors  and other position tracking applications)

Has can be used for non-quadrature counting as well, useful in many applications.  One example is step/direction input from a CNC controller.  Configure this chip for non-quadrature count mode via SPI and it can handle this by itself, providing your microcontroller with a simple and accurate pulse count.

SPI interface allows connection to your microcontroller using only a few wires and retrieve up to a 32-bit count.
Much more accurate than relying on the uC to catch every transition.

Arduino code and schematics/diagrams are readily available online,  We have some experience with this chip and are happy to help as much as we can as well.

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