5Pcs Digispark ATtiny85 USB Development Board Arduino Compatible FREE USA SHIP


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*** 5 Pack / 5 Pieces ***

Microcontroller development board features:

  • On-board voltage regulator, power via USB or external
  • 3 PWM pins
  • Built-In USB

MicroUSB port requires only a microUSB cable for programming/power supply.  The ATTiny85 has built-in USB support –
while most common arduino-based boards use chips that require a UART-USB chip on the board in addition to the microcontroller, this chip was designed specifically for USB connectivity.  This means that the digispark can be used to emulate USB devices such as keyboards, mice, etc.

Lots of info and tutorials online.
Compatible with the very popular Arduino IDE.

Brand new, sealed in anti-static packaging.

Ships FREE
 to the USA + APO

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