DUE R3 CORE Arduino Mini Micro Pro Small ATSAM3X8E ARM M3 512K/96K 12bit ADC/DAC


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This is essentially an Arduino Due scaled down to 54x58mm (significantly smaller than the standard version).
Built-in EEPROM (512K), 21-bit ADC and DAC’s.
Standard 2.54mm (0.1″) pin spacing.

Includes USB-TTL serial programming cable.  Also supports USB power/programming (microUSB cable not included)

Features and Specs:

  • Microcontroller:AT91SAM3X8E LQFP-144
  • Operation Voltage:3.3V
  • Input voltage:5V
  • Total connector pins:44 + 44 + 28 = 116Pins
  • Flash:2 x 256 Kbytes
  • SRAM:64 + 32 Kbytes
  • Clock Speed:84 MHz
  • Number of PIOs:103
  • NAND Flash Controller (NFC):Yes
  • SHDN Pin:Yes
  • External Bus Interface:16-bit data / 8 chip selects / 23-bit address
  • Central DMA:6
  • 12-bit ADC:16 ch
  • 12-bit DAC:2 ch
  • 32-bit Timer:9 ch
  • PDC Channels:17
  • USART/UART:3 / 2 (USART3 in UART mode (RXD3 and TXD3 available))
  • SPI:1 SPI controller,4 chip selects +3 USART with SPI mode
  • HSMCI:1 slot, 8 bit
  • Board dimension:54 x 58mm

The datasheet is available on the manufacturer’s web site:

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