MK10 All Metal Hotend Conversion Upgrade Kit 0.4 Nozzle MakerBot CTC Flashforge


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All-Metal Hotend Conversion Kit for MakerBot Replicator Style 3D Printers with MK10 Hotends

Using a hotend without a PTFE liner allows printing of materials that require higher temperatures than the PTFE can handle.

This kit includes the 3 parts shown – The nozzle and heater block connection are stainless steel, while the shaft that goes into the cooling block is aluminum (this is for better heat dissipation — you want the filament to stay solid here).

Compatible with the excellent Micro Swiss hardened and coated nozzles.  The included nozzle is a stainless steel, 0.4mm nozzle.

Optionally (see above) includes a heat block as well.  This heater block has an opening for a 6mm heater.
We also sell the heater blocks separately, see HERE

If you currently have MK8 extruders (as our CTC printer did) you will need an MK10 cooling block as well, otherwise these won’t fit.  See our other available items, we carry those as well.

Adjustments to your slicer settings are often a good idea if upgrading from standard hotends, especially a reduction in retraction length.

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