NC+NO LJ18A3-8-Z/CX Normally Closed Open Sensor Auto Bed Level 3D Printer Probe


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This sensor is similar to the /BX model, but more versatile due to supporting NC or NO (Normally Closed or Normally Open)configurations.  There are 4 wires on this sensor while the BX version only has 3.

18MM diameter body, 8MM inductive proximity sensor

Popular as a sensor for bed level compensation in 3D printers, widely used in other applications as well.

Available as just the sensor, or with a voltage divider that can handle up to 2 sensors that will step the sensor voltage down to < 5V to work with common 3D Printer control boards.  The sensors operate between 6-36V DC.
The voltage dividers have a convenient plastic housing with screw holes for convenient mounting.

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