NodeMCU Dual Motor Robot Shield ESP8266 ESP-12 Development Breakout Board ESP12


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ESP8266 NodeMCU Microcontroller Development Board (with integrated WiFi) +

Motor Driver Board with built-in L293D chip

Note: the included NodeMCU board is the V2 style, which means that it is narrower than the (also extremely common) V3 style.  This is a benefit because this is also the version that fits nicely on a breadboard leaving space on the sides – but be aware that V3 boards will not mate with the female headers on this board.

Control up to 2 standard DC motors, or one bipolar stepper.
Motor connections and power input have screw terminals

  • Motor input voltage: 4.5V – 36V
  • NodeMCU board input voltage: 4.5V-9V
  • Driver chip: L293DD

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