SimplifyVR 360 Rig panorama camera mount GoPro Xiaomi Yi 2 4K Waterproof




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Color for this unit is BLUE (see pic added to this listing)

Test video –  and many more to be added to our channel soon once we can process them

This is one of our new, premium quality 360-degree panorama camera mounts for creating spherical videos (like the ones used with VR goggles and on the YouTube mobile app).

3D-Printed from durable ABS plastic and designed from the start to be nearly indestructible, you can focus on your content rather than worry about your gear.  This model has CNC-milled aluminum quick-detach brackets compatible with standard GoPro and similar mounts, allowing you to use your waterproof housings or frame type mounts for easy SD card and charging port access.  These are attached using stainless machine screws and brass threaded inserts.  Each of the 8 corners has a 1/4-20 threaded hole (also brass) to allow mounting to tripods, light stands, eye bolts, etc.

No tools etc needed to align the cameras

Notes regarding usage:
-For a 6-camera rig like this one, you want to shoot in a 4:3 mode such as 1440.
-This is compatible with various camera types that have mounts compatible with GoPro-style mounts.  The rig itself is waterproof but most cameras require waterproof housings to be waterproof.  If you mount a non-waterproof camera in a non-waterproof housing, this rig will do nothing at all to protect it.  Consider this fine print.  This product by itself will not protect your gear from water.
-If/when the weatherproof aspect of this design is not important to you, frame-type housings that allow the entire camera to be removed without removing the housing are a good choice.  They make it so that you can charge cameras and remove the SD cards without removing the cameras from the mount.  Or, you can just pop the quick-disconnect mounts off leaving the cameras in the frames to do the same thing.  No need to take the cameras out of their housings.

Using standard housings with our mounts means that you can change your configuration using off the shelf parts at local stores or from other sellers online!

We now sell these in packs of 6, saving you money vs. buying them individually from other sellers:

You do NOT want to trust your expensive gear to PLA plastic if any significant force will be put on the rig.  PLA is very rigid, making it brittle.  It also absorbs moisture.  We do not sell any camera mounts made from PLA.

This is an entirely custom and exclusive design, not a ripoff of designs that exist to produce quickly and cheaply like so many other mounts are.  Each of these requires more than 24 hours to 36 print and is then finished by hand.

Pay less for a superior product you can trust.


Cameras, housings, and thumb screws not included (but if you are reading this ad, you should have those already)

What IS included:
360 rig including 6 attached quick-detach brackets
6 angled quick detach adapters like the ones pictured
Alignment tool for use with frame-type mounts.  This is NOT needed, “eyeballing it” has been good enough every time in our experience.  We’ve heard it makes people feel more confident to use a tool to align their cameras, so here it is.

See our other items

See our other items

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