Documentation & Downloads – LS7366R

Datasheet, straight from the manufacturer:

Here is an excellent blog post including Arduino code and schematics we used when learning to use these chips:

Using 2 of these chips we created a servo controller to replace a PIC-SERVO-SC board to control a linear motion assembly from a Redbox machine. One LS7366 is used to keep track of the encoder position, while the other is used to keep track of desired position (reading step and direction pulses from a CNC controller). The non-quadrature count mode of the LS7366R makes this trivial, and it frees the Arduino from having to deal with many interrupts and timing issues while ensuring we have an accurate encoder pulse count and step count reading. The plan is to release the design and code to the public domain, but this has not been done yet primarily due to needing a lot of code cleanup. If you have any questions about it send us an email and we will be glad to assist as much as possible (though this is not a guarantee of any specific level of support).