3″ 3-Inch Bull Bar GoPro camera mount for truck light bar brush guard bumper




Durable ABS mount to fit 3″ bull bars and similar bumpers, light bars, etc.  Includes 2 removable camera prong mounts and stainless hardware for mounting your camera, as well as the hex key (allen wrench) needed to tighten and adjust.

The one pictured survived the Dalton Highway (North Slope Haul Road) to Deadhorse, Alaska during the summer of 2016 with a camera mounted to it.  Especially during the summer, without snow and ice to smooth the roadway, this is one of the roughest long drives you will find.  So you can count on the durability.

The two halves fit together with a “puzzle piece” type connection on one side, while the other has rimmed M5 inserts integral to the product that connect to the included stainless hex-head socket cap machine screws.

The removable camera mount attaches with similar (but smaller) brass threaded inserts and included machine screws.

Custom sizes and colors are available.

This is an exclusive product designed and produced in-house.

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