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Touch sensor for 3D Printer Auto Bed Level Compensation

This sensor solves many of the problems people experience with non-contact inductive probes.

Inductive probes work great for us – we both use and sell them all the time.  Unfortunately they do require a metal surface to probe, also are also sensitive to heat.

This probe works by extending down and physically touching the bed surface – whatever surface that may be.  Bed material doesn’t matter, and neither does temperature (within reason).

What’s Included:

  • Probe/Sensor with attached wiring – one 2-pin and one 3-pin 2.54mm (0.1″) female connector
  • Bag of parts:
    • Resistor (needed to adapt to some printers)
    • 2 small machine screws with nuts and washers (useful for probe mounting)
    • spare connectors and pins
  • Instruction sheet – this probe may require some online research to install on your printer, please be prepared.
  • Plastic case – surprisingly nice considering the probe will probably never go back in it.

This is not a “plug-and-play” modification for most printers.  It will likely require a custom or semi-custom (see Thingiverse) mount for your printer, knowledge of the pinout of your controller board, and potentially firmware modifications (this is usually fairly simple though). 

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We will soon have a mount for this probe available that fits our dual V6 bowden mount for Prusa I3 printers, which can be found HERE
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