Clamp mount For GoPro style action camera CNC aluminum base quick detach adapter


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These are quick-detach clamp mounts for cameras.

Once adjusted to the proper size for the location being mounted to, a lever allows quick and secure attachment and detachment.

The mount itself includes a 1/4-20 threaded stud (as used on many cameras to mount directly to a tripod).  We include a CNC-milled aluminum GoPro-style quick detach base that securely threads onto the stud, allowing fast and easy installation and removal of your cameras.

We used these (well, these are brand new.  But the same type) of mounts for creating an ad-hoc 360 rig on top of a truck in Alaska.  When subjected to extreme vibration like this, we recommend securing the aluminum QD bracket with some loctite (available at Home Depot, Walmart, etc).

Position adjustment along a couple axes is possible.  Additionally, the top head is held down by a spring, which allows you to pull up and turn the mount the way you want it, and release to secure.  This is great for stationary setups, but not so much for the way we used it.  Fortunately, it is trivial to tighten a single screw to make the mount rigid.

If you need to securely mount individual cameras in creative places, these are a good bet.

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