Premium 3D Printer Heated Bed MOSFET Board Power Module Upgrade i3 FREE US SHIP

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Our premium quality MOSFET board makes it simple to build safeguards into your 3D Printer that should have been put there by the manufacturer in the first place.

You’ve probably heard stories of 3D printers catching fire and burning down houses – it does happen.  Much of the time this is because of excessive current being drawn through the controller board to run the bed heater.  Even if a fire doesn’t result, control boards burn out all the time for this same reason.

These MOSFET boards take the current load off of the controller board.  With this, the wires coming from the controller are used just to signal whether the bed should be heating or not.  Separate power wires run directly from the power supply to the MOSFET board, and from the board to the heated bed.  This is a far safer design,

Easily pays for itself by saving you from having to replace a burned out controller board, or worse.

Comes packaged in an anti-static bag and wrapped in bubble wrap.

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