Koamtac KDC425T Bluetooth 1D 2D Barcode Scanner Credit Card Reader KDC400 USED


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*** These scanners are USED.  They don’t include any of the original packaging or accessories (all you really need is a smartphone and a microUSB charger).  They have been tested to power on, pair, and scan. ***

Koamtac KDC425T-SR-R2

This is a premium barcode scanner that can read 1D and 2D barcodes and also has a magnetic stripe reader for reading credit cards etc.

These are designed to pair with a smartphone via bluetooth, and mount to the back of the phone.  One example where these are commonly used is selling parking or concessions at large events.

The phone mount feature is great for folks who do retail arbitrage and need to quickly scan barcodes and see pricing data on their phone screens.  Scanning with a camera is too slow, but noone wants to carry an extra device.  This essentially allows your scanner and phone to become one device which is both more convenient and discrete.

These include mounts to fit the Galaxy S4.  Others are available from the manufacturer.  We use velcro instead.

You can find the user manual for this scanner here:

We have only a very basic level of experience with these units and while we are happy to provide what little support we can, we suggest reading the manual.

These are industrial grade devices – the battery packs can be replaced (available elsewhere for around $20) and quality documentation exists.

The condition of these is excellent – but again please note that they are used and do not come with any accessories beyond what is pictured.

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