2pcs M3 Stud Thermistor for 3D Printer Hotend Easy Disconnect for I3 E3D V6 USA


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*** 2 Pack ***

These are M3 Threaded thermistors with JST connectors (2.5mm spacing) attached.

Standard thermistors that come with most printers are just a simple pair of wires ending in a thermistor.  When you have to redo wiring to the hotend or replace a thermistor, it can be a real pain to deal with all the wires coming from the heater block.

Using disconnectable stud thermistors like these makes maintenance much easier – just unplug the connector and you’ve only got a few inches of wire coming out of the stud.  You can then turn the heater block with a wrench without twisting and breaking wires.

This set includes

  • 2x thermistors (NTC 100kw/ JST connectors attached
  • 2x JST connectors (empty)
  • 4x pins for the JST connectors

Installation is simple – you use a pair of wires (not provided, if you don’t have wire, you can just cut the thermistor wires you are currently using) and crimp the provided pins onto them and insert into the empty JST connector.  Thread the thermistor into the heat block on the hotend, and connect the JST connectors together.

Please be sure that you are comfortable performing this installation before purchasing.  3mm is the correct size for most heater blocks – but please be sure this is correct for yours before purchasing.

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