Dual E3D V6 Bowden Extruder Hotend Mount Prusa I3 Reprap Volcano Probe Bracket


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Dual E3D V6 (and clones) hotend mount for the Prusa I3.   Marlin firmware for the printer pictured available in git – contact for the link.  We are happy to try to help you figure out your firmware configuration.

Modular design uses brass threaded inserts and stainless steel hardware.  This design makes it easier to disassemble, reassemble, and replace only specific parts if desired.  The probe mount is its own part, as is the belt attachment, backplate, etc.  This also allows for easy custom upgrades – you can print custom pieces without re-printing (and, more importantly, re-installing) the whole thing.

This is pictured on a HICTOP printer but it does fit others as verified by our customers.  If you want to take measurements of your printer we are happy to verify.

This includes the dual extruder mount, probe bracket, and belt adapter.  Pre-assembled and ready to attach to your bearings, hotends, etc.  The bearings are not included, nor are the extruders, hotends, fans, probe, etc.

This part is designed and produced by me.  It is available on thingiverse because we uploaded it – not a knockoff.  There are a number of parts to print and it requires installing threaded inserts; we produce about 10 of these at a time and have the production process nailed down.  Buy from us and save the time and potential frustration of building your own, and get to printing your own designs faster!

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